lunes, 2 de mayo de 2016

Rovaniemi. August 17th 2015

(by Diego José García González)

 We started the Course “Outdoor CLIL” introducing us. We met people from Valencia, Cerdeña and Calabria.
Peeter, the teacher, told us that we had to paste a lot of papers on the walls, then we had to paste spots on the sentences we thought are powerful or not. After that we had to discuss why we took those decisions.

After lunch we went to Santa’s Village, the place where Santa Claus lives. It is a small place inside the forest but near the main road. The main house, where Santa lives, is rounded by a lot of gift shops. In fact, the Official shop is inside the Santa’s home, somebody said that it is not a secret that Santa has a good sense of business.
When we entered in the village, the first thing we could see was the Santa’s Post Office. In this building, they receive the letters from a lot of children in the World.
Then, we saw the directions of a lot of cities where Santa goes on Christmas.


Near the direction tree we crossed the Arctic Circle.


Some minutes later we went to Santa’s home and we could know Santa Claus.


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