lunes, 2 de mayo de 2016

Rovaniemi. August 20th 2015.

(by Diego José García González)

After the classic warm-up we studied “Dadaism”. We worked over a text about “the beginning of Dadaism”. We had to read the text and define it using different graphic organizers that Peeter gave us.


After this activity we improved our knowledge about dadaism with a collage. As students we had to see a picture and we had to make “wh” questions about it.


In the afternoon, Peeter showed us a lot of graphic organizers that could be quite useful in our CLIL classes.
In the evening, we went to visit the Arcticum Museum of Rovaniemi. This Museum has collected a lot of information about the life in the Arctic, how Sami People live, their clothes, their tools to cook and to hunt, animal sounds, life representations, etc …
I enjoyed a lot seeing a video about Northern Lights that it was projected in a room in the center of the Museum. I was surprised when I saw some Sami “sunglasses” there were Wood glasses with a thin hole with the shape of a line in the middle. We could test them and compare with the current sunglasses, and, surprisingly, all of them did the same effect!

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