lunes, 2 de mayo de 2016

Rovaniemi. August 21st 2015.

(by Diego José García González)

The course ending was coming. After some “Mazinger” we started to review all lessons we had learnt during the week. We talk about Bloom’s Taxonomy and, individually, each one had to design an activity to be used in his/her classroom. The main condition was that we had to use some verbs that were in the high levels of the referred taxonomy. I created a task related to web development and security. All of us explained our activity to the rest of the class. Some days later, Tuula sent us the activities by email.
In the last part of the course we had to play with animated toys. All of us got a toy and we had to study its movements. After the study we had to match the movements of our toy with two characteristics of learning, then, we had to expose our conclusions.


After lunch, two special people came to bring us the awards, they were the King and the Queen of The United Kingdom.


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