lunes, 2 de mayo de 2016

Rovaniemi. August 19th 2015.

(by Diego José García González)

After the traditional warm-up “Mazinger” we had to make an exposition about the experiences we had last evening in our delimited area. Francesco and me created a framework based on graphical information and animated objects to describe the process we did. In the picture, we can see a map of the area we explored, a man with a stick to measure the pine and several lines from some parts of the map to real objects we got to illustrate what we could see in the country.


After lunch we had to do other task. In groups of three people, we had to compare our hands and, using a Venn diagram, we had to put in each circle the commonalities and differences between them. This exercise was quite useful because I realized that I was doing some things in a wrong way and the worst problem was I thought I was doing well. After that I have changed a lot of things in my daily lessons. In addition, this exercise forces the learner to know some English vocabulary and to apply it.


In the evening, we did other outdoor activity. In this case we had to build a shelter with natural materials. We only had some newspapers, a wool string, scissors, and several matches. We had to invent the rest.
Paco had a great idea and all people in the group (Cinzia, Amparo and me) followed his instructions. Using dead trees and a lot of sticks (tied with strings of wool), we created the structure on the shelter.


We had to test the shelter, then, I decided to do it. 


We covered the larger holes with pine branches and the smaller with moss. I could not believe it, but now, I can say that the more moss it was, the warmer I felt. Thanks to the work of the whole group we could finish the shelter as you can see in the left part of the next picture.


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